Smallpearl was founded with the aim of developing high quality software that is on par with products & solutions that originate from the premier technology firms around the world.

Software construction is inherently hard as it’s difficult to visualize the end product at the beginning of the effort. And when the solution is implemented, ever changing operating environments make the need for continuous maintenance key to the solution’s continued usability. And if a solution is to be easily maintainable, the initial design has to be flexible and robust so that changes are easy to make and don’t result in regression.

With 30+ years of active software design & development experience, we can help our customers overcome these difficult challenges and offer solutions that not only look good, but also perform well -- what we call high-quality software. More than the experience, we love building software and derive a great amount of pleasure from it, a necessary requirement for building high-quality solutions.

While we have experience in many diverse domains across various platforms(Windows™, Linux™ & Mac™ OSX), our primary focus is constructing secure cloud based solutions that provide multiple user interfaces -- both mobile & desktop.

We use state-of-the-art tools & processes and pride ourselves in delivering innovative products & solutions that oftentimes go beyond the scope of initially set requirements.