It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Smallpearl was born out of frustrations. That’s right, frustration, with a trailing S.

Frustration of seeing many excellent products presenting a poor image of itself owing to not-so-great accompanying software.

Frustration of feeling not being fully utilized with negative skill set growth over an extended period of time.

Frustration of using many online services that were seemingly designed with the sole aim of meeting-the-requirements, with very little or no consideration for its usability.

These and many other similar experiences, along with an idea for an online service to automate the painfully manual process intensive task of managing a residential community, led to the establishment of Smallpearl - a firm focused on making high quality software.


Smallpearl was established in 2018 as a Limited Liability Corporation registered in the beautiful island of Taiwan (Or Ilha Formosa as the colonial Portugese christened it, literally meaning the Beautiful Island). So, yes, we're a very young company, but so were all the great companies at some point in time☺


Our founder, Hari Mahadevan, has over twenty years of hands-on experience developing software, of various kinds, for various platforms. Between the first purpose written device driver in 'C' for Sound Blaster audio cards for OS/2 way back in 1994, to a cloud based solution for organizing and managing the functions of residential communities, he co-founded and bootstrapped 3 startups in the software products arena. This varied and multi-faceted background along with hands-on experience on countless projects across domains, many of which are greenfield projects, has given him a deep insight into software development and also its perils.

It is this deep insight & experience that Smallpearl leverages to deliver compelling solutions for our customers.

Hari holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore. His LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.


Our vision is simple.

We love to make software and we want to translate that love into innovative products & solutions for our customers so that they gain a competitive advantage over their peers. And we do this by adopting the latest in software development technologies and methodologies and always placing the long-term interests of customers in front of us.