How to programmatically emulate Appple special keys such as media navigation & power keys

Media keys along with some other keys are not handled through the standard apple keyboard event subsystem. They are treated differently, and therefore emulating them from software requires special code (EventTap won't work!). Here's a function that does this: void HIDPostAuxKey(uint32_t key, bool down) { @autoreleasepool { NSEvent* ev = [NSEvent otherEventWithType …

Set/get volume in OS X

How to get/set master volume in OS X. Many sample codes online use the deprecated API. This uses the currently 'legal' API. #include #include #include #include #include static AudioDeviceID getDefaultOutputDeviceID() { AudioDeviceID outputDeviceID = kAudioObjectUnknown; // get …

WiX Tips

• 4 min read
Some tips on using WiX to generate MSI installers: The GUID used as Product Id has to be unique for each release of the package. That is version 1.0 & 1.1 should have different product ids. So it's best to use auto-generated GUIDs for this like this: